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The IZE is an association dedicated to expanding the educational impact of zoos and aquariums worldwide. Its mission is to improve the education programs in the facilities of its members, to provide access to the latest thinking, techniques, and information in conservation education and to support excellence in animal care and welfare.

Zoos Victoria’s, Werribee Open Range Zoo is taking kids on a journey through the African savannah with an exciting new indoor play space called Ranger Kids. This permanent new play space was designed to help nurture a love of nature and wildlife in young children.

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News and Events

Final Recipients for the 2014 IZE Grants

Check out the IZE Grant recipients. These well-deserving educators have been chosen from a field of well-qualified applicants.

22nd Biennel Conference of the International Zoo Educators Association

IZEA 2014 Conference Website http://www.oceanpark.com.hk/ize2014

Date: Sept. 2 to 6, 2014

Location: Hosted by Hong Kong Ocean Park

Theme: Education in zoos and aquaria, what does success look like and how do you measure it?


Animal Training Essentials Workshop with Precision Behavior

2nd International Animal Training Conference Website http://twycrosszoo.org/second-international-animal-training-conference/

Date: October 5th 2014

Location: Twycross Zoo, UK

We are now opening up our 1 day workshop to non-attendees of the animal training conference on the Sunday 5th October 2014, hosted by Thad Lacinak and Angie Millwood (Precision Behavior  - http://www.precisionbehavior.com/ This animal training workshop covers essential skills for every animal training professional.
More than just the basics, this workshop also introduces advanced concepts that all animal trainers should understand. Topics include: getting started, the learning elements, clear cuing, advanced bridging, shaping behavior, consequences, reinforcement strategies and addressing aggression.
Places are limited
The cost for this one day workshop is £85.00


Wildlife Conservation Society project

Founded in 1895, the Wildlife Conservation Society manages the world's largest system of urban wildlife parks, including the New York Aquarium, Central Park, the Queens and Prospect Park Zoos, and the Bronx Zoo. Mannahatta 2409 is an online platform that enables the public to develop and share their own ecological designs for Manhattan in the future using five metrics of sustainability: population density, carbon, fossil fuel use and climate change mitigation; water quality and stormwater management; biodiversity and ecological restoration; and walkability. For more info: artsfwd.org/mannahatta-2409


International Conference on Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation of Marine Ecosystems 2015

Date: June 1 -4

Location: Hong Kong

The conference will bring together internationally renowned and regional experts to enable them to share their knowledge and expertise on the latest developments in the field with local Hong Kong experts and enviromental practitioners from academia, government, NGO's and the private sector. For more information:



2015 EAZA Conference

Date: March 9 - 12, 2015

Location: Lisbon Zoo, Portugal

Theme: THE POWER OF BEHAVIOUR - HOW TO INSPIRE PEOPLE TO ACT! Turning Education Theory into Action

More information: www.eaza.net/news/pages/ezeconference.aspx


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Join IZE in Celebrating the Biodiversity of the World through Special Events!

Learn more about International Vulture Awareness Day, Elephant Appreciation Day, and Year of the Gorilla Celebrations! Gather ideas on how to create a spectacular event, such as Fondazione Bioparco di Roma's Elephant Day!
Check out our newest Special Event, Fondazione Bioparco di Roma's "A Day as a Carnivore"!

Explore the new updated Education Materials sections of the IZE website!

Here you can gather lesson plans and activities to re-energize your zoo and aquarium education programs and in-situ conservation work! Check out the recently expanded insitu educational materials along with newly added lesson plans on wide variety of marine and land animals.

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