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Marissa Hodges, Graphic Designer

Official Title: Graphic Designer, Media Services

"Do what you love and what interests you. Work won’t feel like work if you do. I pursued art and science and was able to find a job that integrates both.”

When you go to a zoo, you use a map to find your way around.  The signs near an animal describe where it lives and what it eats.  Another sign explains how you can help protect that animal.  When you leave the zoo, you might pick up some brochures detailing upcoming events or educational opportunities.  All of these items and many others are designed by a graphic artist.  At the Bronx Zoo, Marissa Hodges is one of those artists. 

Marissa was always interested in art.  In high school she took plenty of art classes and was involved in many extra-curricular art activities such as making backdrops for plays or decorations for events.  But Marissa was also interested in the natural world and wanted to study biology in college.  So, which did she choose?  Both!  In college, she received a degree in biology as well as a degree in art.

After college, Marissa was looking for a job that would have a mix of both science and art.  As a graphic designer for WCS, she creates materials that help support conservation programs around the world.  She’s produced brochures that are used to raise funds for conservation and to lobby in the senate, designed temporary tattoos and ads to help drive attendance, and even created the Teens for Planet Earth informational flyer and 2008 Service Awards Report.

Marissa just loves seeing something she helped create come back from the printer!  It fills her with a sense of pride and satisfaction.  She knows that she is using her strengths and skills to make the world a better place by helping to educate people about protecting the environment.

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