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Preview a collection of images depicting zoo signs found around the world. The signs have been placed into several categories including natural history, interactive and sensitive subjects, to name a few. Please take a moment to explore the categories to gather new ideas for signs at your institution.



When signs within an exhibit are designed with a similar style and color, the exhibit has a cohesive feel.


Komodo Dragon Exhibit - 2014

Orangutan Exhibit - 2014

Callitrichids Exhibit - 2012


Directional Signs

Directional signs are designed to assist visitors in orientating around your facility.


Created by Elizabeth Becker

Exhibit Headers

Exhibit headers are used to introduce an area with bold graphics and creative images. These signs should draw visitors into an exhibit.

Created by Elizabeth Becker

Animal Identification Signs

Animal Identification signs offer visitors basic animal information such as scientific name, niche, diet, range and life span.

Created by Elizabeth Becker

Interactive Signs

Interactives allow visitors to get involved using their senses and/or an activity.

Created by Elizabeth Becker

Natural History Signs

Natural History provides fun and interesting information that sparks visitors' curiosity about wildlife.

Created by ELizabeth Becker

Sensitive Subjects Signs

Sensitive subject addresses topics that need careful phrasing.

Created by Elizabeth Becker

Unique Design Signs

Unique designs capture visitors attention through creative visuals.

Created by Elizabeth Becker

Show Times

Show times guide visitors to special daily programs.

Created by Elizabeth Becker

Conservation Message Signs

Conservation messages inspire visitors toward action to conserve our wildlife and wild places.


Tips for great graphics

Tips from zoo educators and experts about effective ways to make great, useful graphics for your facility.



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