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Training Materials

Training conservation educators is essential to a successful zoo or aquarium education program.  Well-trained educators can forge emotional and intellectual connections with visitors.  These training materials are not meant to stand alone, as the best training involves passionate facilitators with a wide-range of experiences.

How effective are your programs?
And how do you find out?

We know that program evaluation is important, yet few of us know how to do it well. Questionnaire design, survey techniques, and visitor observation were the focus of the Latin American Education Workshop 2013.

The workshop was developed and presented by Dr. Maggie Esson, IZE Regional Representative for Europe (Chester Zoo, UK) in consultation with Sandra Gomez, IZE Representative for Latin America (Zoo Santa Cruz, Colombia) and MariaEugenia Martínez Arizmendi (Guadalajara Zoo, Mexico).

If you missed this workshop, you can download the PowerPoint presentation here in English or Spanish.

Conservation Education and Evaluation Course, hosted by Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, in collaboration with Warwick University

This five day course, hosted September 17-21, 2012. brings together conservation, education, and evaluation. Drawing upon cutting edge research, theory and practical experience, the course will give participants firm grounding in how best to deliver conservation education and gather evidence of impact. Visit http://www.durrell.org/training to learn more.

Conservation Education Training Manual

This training course manual was originally developed by the Conservation Education Committee of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA). The topics in this manual include creating visitor experiences, implementing programs, teaching methods and learning styles, inspiring visitors to conservation action, and ensuring success through measuring education impact.

Inspiring our Guests through Interpretation Training Manual

By: Disney's Animal Kingdom

All Animal Programs staff at Disney's Animal Kingdom completes this six-hour course to equip them with the skills, tools and resources needed to deliver inspiring conservation messages to guests using effective interpretive principles and techniques.


Inspiring Conservation Action: A Training Manual for African Educators

By: Disney's Animal Kingdom

The purpose of this workshop was to provide practioners in the conservation education field in Uganda, Africa, with the understanding and skills needed to deliver inspiring conservation messages to visitors using effective interpretive principles and techniques.


Trends in Zoo and Aquarium Exhibit Interpretation

By: Oregon Coast Aquarium

In 2009, the Oregon Coast Aquarium along with Terry O'Connor Consulting conducted phone interviews with AZA zoo and aquarium education directors, exhibit directors, and graphic designers as well as with consultants who work with aquariums and zoos on exhibit design, interpretation and evaluation. Questions were asked regarding current major trends in interpretation, exhibit designs, and how external influences are affecting interpretation.

Interpretation Can Target EveryoneAn interpretive presentation from the Chester Zoo in the United Kingdom.

By Joel Christensen
National Association of Interpretation
Legacy, Volume 1 Number 1

Studies show that involving your audience in a presentation means they may retain the information longer. This article describes the difference types of learning styles and the different methods you might use to reach these learners with your message through creative and innovative techniques.

In The Heart of Jurassic – Ah, Komodo - Park

By Jon Kohl
National Association of Interpretation
Legacy, Volume 14 Number 1, January 2003

Ensuring that visitors leave your park, zoo or museum with the appropriate messages takes thought and planning up front. This article describes a process of developing and delivering messages using the Komodo Island National Park visit as a model.

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