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News from the Wild

Learn about some of the great conservation efforts that are happening worldwide.

2010 - International Year of Biodiversity

The United Nations General Assembly has declared 2010 as the International Year of Biodiversity. WAZA and IZE have created an education manual,
Biodiversity is Life, aimed at zoo and aquarium educators, teachers and environmentalists. For additional resources, please visit the WAZA website.

Within One Cubic Foot...
From tiny beetles and ants to the amazing animals soaring through the rainforest, Edward O. Wilson discusses biodiversity, including the many, many species we have yet to discover.

The Barometer of Life
As an addition to the Encyclopedia of Life, The Barometer of Life would unite scientists to give a greater understanding of a species status and threats to the species.

Sesame Street's "My World is Green and Growing"
Sesame Street, one of the most popular children's television programs, is watched by 80 million viewers around the world weekly. Aimed at preschoolers, it teaches the ABC's and counting, while also focusing on life lessons such as healthy eating, exercise and getting along. For the 40th season, Sesame Street has rolled out a two-year environmental curriculum called "My World is Green and Growing." Sesame Street's producers hope that children who learn to love and respect nature early on will grow up to become passionate advocates for our planet.

Year of the Gorilla
Conservation organizations around the world joined together in 2009 for the Year of the Gorilla! To learn more about the awareness campaign, visit the Year of the Gorilla website. To develop an idea for a celebration at your zoo, read the Educator's Resource Guide (available in three languages: English, Spanish, Czech, or German) or check out other zoos' celebrations!

Reconciling Man and River through Community Education: A Challenging Case of Cooperation between Taipei Zoo and NGOs
Long ago, the Keelung River gave birth to prosperous villages along its banks. But now, resource abuse has left us with little more than a drain pipe.

Madagascar - A Fantasy Island in the Balance
by Lesley Dickie

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